Backups are being made 0 kb each time, no error in logs?

I am using 8.0.14. Recently had to change what folder my Gateway backups go into. Was testing with a backup every minute and the logs are saying that the gateway backup happened successfully, however the backups themselves are 0kb. I set it so the logs show all information relating to ScheduledBackupManager, but I am still not seeing anything helpful. Any thoughts?

Was the previous destination also a shared network drive? Not sure what’s going on but that seems like a good place to start looking.

Yes, previously it was R:…\GatewayBackups\Backups . I switched it to R:…\GatewayBackups\ProductionBackups.

The production gateway was restored on a few development machines, and they all started putting their backups onto the same folder \Backups folder, which was no good. We have a rogue VM that is still making backups on the old \Backups folder that I couldn’t find, so I decided for our real live production gateway to have it put it into a new folder so that I didn’t lost backups. Now its making them in the location but they’re all zero kb.

Related error - this had started happening before in the folder where all my gateways were dropping off backups and I thought because GatewayA was trying to delete GatewayB’s backup, but that apparently is not the case. I thought switching foldres to make my production gateway backups be completely alone would fix this however it persists.

Sounds like a permissions issue in the new folder.

That’s what I originally thought but I’ve had permissions issues before and no file was created at all as I recall.

I have this in my configuration file -




Now with a reporting module I am able to save PDF’s directly to both of these maps drives so the gateway does seem to have permissions to create files on my mapped drives.

I didn’t mean permissions on the share, but permisssions (ACLs) on the folder.

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