BACnet Accumulator type support

Hi, are there plans to support the Accumulator (23) BACnet object?

I made a ticket for it, which adds it to a list of a few other objects to add support for, but there’s no timeline for when we are going to implement any of these unfortunately. Enhancements to the BACnet driver are not higher in priority than a lot of the other work going on right now.

Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply. I will keep a look out for any updates. Cheers

Hi Kevin, looks like the bacnet driver now supports readRaw and writeRaw for unsupported data types such as the accumulator and schedule. I’m trying to read an accumulator dataType but it doesn’t look like the system.bacnet.* functions are available to me:

I’m on Ignition 8.1.18. Any ideas?

Kind regards,

You are trying to use those functions in the script console, which is designer (client) scope. They only work in gateway scope. If you want to test from the script console, you’ll have to set up gateway message handler to actually make the call, and invoke it with system.util.sendRequest.