BACnet Devices Initialized but most of the tags show bad quality (Not connected)

Hello all,

Recently I have been facing this issues regarding BACnet/IP OPC-UA tags that I have pulled onto Ignition Designer.

The BACnet device is connected and successfully initialized and was getting the data on the tags with good quality, but suddenly I started facing an issue where all the tags suddenly turned bad and showed Not Connected error in the quality value.

I tried to check the logs and trace the root cause of the problem and have found that there can be some issue regarding the COV subscription values (I have attached the logs and screenshots to this topic).

After I restart the BACnet module the values turn good again and I am still not understanding the exact issue. I am also attaching the screenshot of the device configuration for your reference with the logs.

Exactly for your reference you can check the time stamp on the logs from 28th of March 11:41PM where the problem started.

Please refer the attached files below and provide a solution to this problem. We are using the nightly built version of Ignition 8.1.4.

Link for the Logs:
Ignition-CL1PrdSUP01_Ignition_logs_20210329-2246.idb - Google Drive


According to the logs your device simply stops responding for a while. When this happens the COV heartbeat fails and all the tags being updated by COV get an OPC UA StatusCode of Bad_NoCommunication applied, which is translated to Ignition’s Bad_Not Connected quality.

The timeouts do eventually stop, long before you restart the gateway. If you weren’t getting any values in the meantime it likely means that polling the device for values, which is what happens to any items whose COV subscription renewal fails, was failing for some reason.

If this happens again it would be useful to get a Wireshark capture of the traffic between Ignition and your device.

Thank you @Kevin.Herron for your quick response I will try to get the Wireshark capture for this and get back to you.

Till then if you could provide any more insight then it would be great!! Is downloading the latest nightly build Ignition 8.1.5 recommended for BACnet device updates.

8.1.4 has a few BACnet-related changes but nothing that I would think applies here.

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Thank you for your quick response @Kevin.Herron.

Actually the thing is that our system device never turns off and we looking for some solution in which we should not have to restart the Ignition service and restart the BACnet module to get the COV start again and start giving out the values normally.

Since we do not know when this situation would occur again as after service restart we not having the problem but expecting it to come back. So when it comes back I can only take the wireshark capture after the problem occurs.

So till then I would like you to help me with this from your side for now and suggest me anything that I can do from my side to help you understand the situation and if I need to start some logs like turn them on or something then let me know.

Deep Shah

Did your devices power cycle after you configured your devices? This thread might be helpful.

I am currently dealing with a similar issue but I am still coordinating a time to test various things without impacting the customer so I can only point you to this.

hi,deep,did your issue been solved?