BACnet driver field level networks FLN

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I am working on a BMS project with a lot of devices. I am new to BACnet. I have a few field panels behind which are field level networks with more devices. We are using Siemens equipment. I have added the field panels to ignition and, by using the BACnet driver, I can read data from the local IO of the field panel. However, I cannot see the FLN level devices. Please can someone suggest how to read data from the FLN?

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They won’t just “show up” underneath the panel devices you added, you have to add a remote device instance for every one you’re interested in.

If the panel device acts as a BBMD you may need to specify that in your local device configuration before you can communicate with the FLN devices.

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Thanks Kevin. We have Siemens PXC panels. The panels are sending FLN data to a Desigo CC instance on the network but I’m struggling to get it into ignition. If I set up new remote points (in ignition) with the BACnet IDs for the FLN devices, they do not respond/initialize. I’ve also tried a third party BACnet explorer which was unable to locate the devices.

I will look into the configuration of the panels later today. Any other ideas?

Thanks again.

Access to the FLN devices is going to be entirely dependent on the panel device either acting as a BBMD or relaying whoIs broadcasts to the FLN devices and then broadcasting their iAm responses back onto the network.

That a 3rd party BACnet explorer can’t see them either doesn’t bode well.

I don’t have much more advice to offer, I’m a bit of a BACnet n00b despite having worked on this driver.

OK. I will see if I can find these settings in the panel config. I wondered if Desigo was communicating with the FLN devices via a proprietary protocol (not BACnet). Snip from the PXC compact manual:

I appreciate the help and I will report back with any findings.