BACnet Driver - Large Analog Value Subscribe Issue

We have a BACnet IP device connected. Now we are unable to subscribe to a tag type “Large Analog Value”. When we read the tag in OPC Quick Client it actually reads the correct value, but when we subscribe to the same tag it reads zero all the time. Please let us know if you have any solution for this issue.


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Can you get a Wireshark capture of this happening? Do you have COV enabled or no?

Find attached the Wireshark capture

I do have COV enabled

Refer Packet No. 671, 678-679 for subscription operation
Refer Packet No. 1336, 1342-1343 for the read operation
BACnet Capture_Large Analog Value Issue.pcap (1.1 MB) )

Strange… what is the device id you have configured for the Remote Device instance in Ignition?

Do other nodes you subscribe to also get different values or just this one?

The Remote Device ID is 1016452
The other Device ID’s are 1016453, 1016457 and 1016451
I have three devices connected to the same local device through BBMD and another device connected to a different local device. I have the same issue with all of them. :eyes:

Okay, I can reproduce this and should be able to fix it soon. It looks like it should only be an issue with LargeAnalogValue and not other object types.

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This fix is going to be available in the next nightly release (built tonight unless something goes wrong).