Bacnet Driver setup

hi ,
i am unable to establish communication between Gateway and BacNet devices .

below are teh seetings for local Bacnet

Gateway IP :
Bacnet Device :
LocalBacnet address binding :
Local Bacnet Broadcast :

With your device being on a different network than the gateway it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach it with a broadcast message, and I can’t say for sure without knowing what the subnet mask is, but it seems unlikely that broadcast address would even include the remote device IP Anyway.

You may need a BBMD or some gateway device to bridge networks if you can’t get them onto the same network.

Thanks Kevin
I used below tools installed in same gateway server (different vlan) and able to browse all devices.
BACnet Explorer - Explore and manage your BACnet/IP devices.

So, what information needed from my network team to able to connect.


I don’t know. Maybe you can work with support to compare Wireshark captures.

I can only tell you that Ignition must receive an “I-Am” response to the “Who-is” messages it sends both directly to the remote IP and to the broadcast address in order to establish comms. You have to figure out why that isn’t happening.

Thanks Kevien for you guidance
i am able to initilise the connection with BACnet devices .


But getting below errors in logs. any guidance of that error meaning. the errors appears after I added BBMD Address

Hi Tamerplc. Can you advice how you got this to initialize? I have a similar set up to yours, can cannot get it to initialize.


Another gateway/server might be using prt 47808