BACnet driver used at a modbus to BACnet gateway

New to Ignition. We are replacing the software used on our SCADA systems from Cimplicity to Ignition.

With Cimplicity, in order to send collected data to a Building automation system via BACnet, we had to utilize an external Modbus RTU to BACnet gateway. Is there a way to utilize the BACnet feature of Ignition to act as this gateway instead of using an external unit?

No, it can't act as a Modbus RTU to BACnet gateway.

Why do you need the gateway at all? Is the BACnet stuff all on another network you can't reach or did Cimplicity not have a BACnet driver?

Well, you could add my alternate Modbus driver and set it up to be a Modbus RTU slave. It would need a fair amount of scripting to move data in both directions, but it is certainly possible. This topic might help: