Bacnet/Ethernet Data to Ignition Edge


I am trying to expose BACNet/Ethernet data to my Ignition edge instance. Note that there is a distinction between BACNet/Ethernet and BACNet/IP, BACNet/Ethernet is a layer2 protocol. I can see the data in my third party software and I am trying to use a RedLion Protocol Converter to get the data into a usable protocol but I am not having any luck. Any suggestions?

Java is notoriously blind to layer2 protocols. Is your protocol converter unable to transform to BACNet/IP?

( Not a Bacnet guy, but a driver developer. I’ve looked at layer2 for other protocols, and it is a nightmare. )

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Ok, I am making progress now. At this moment, I am getting the layer2 data sent over to a PLC. I will look in and see if I can transform it into BACNet/IP or potentially Modbus. My goal is to send it to the gateway, since 99% of the tags I just need to display and only need the PLC to write to one.