Bacnet for maker edition

Any update on getting bacnet driver license for maker edition?
Have residential hvac system which only communicates with bacnet.

I agree it really sucks that maker edition does not support bacnet. I purchased a wireless bacnet thermostat from contemporary controls for $160 for my home thinking that I would be able to use maker edition. I've read the excuse that maker edition is meant for the home user and there are not that many bacnet home devices, which may be true, but I think that is changing. Plus, the whole idea of having a free version of the software is to entice people to try it so they get hooded and want to buy the full version for their company. Seems like an oversight to me. For the time being, I created a python program to schedule temp changes on my thermostat and store data.

Just to throw it out there, like it or not. You could put a middle man person in the system, i.e a pi or similar and use node red.

Not a perfect solution, but a solution none the less :+1:

If you all make a post on the ideas portal ( we can guage community interest and might revisit this decision.