BACNET/IP communications


On our Ignition platform composed of an Ignition server and a Siemens PXC12 Bacnet/IP PLC present on the same subnet network ( /24 )

Ignition does not connect to the PLC in Bacnet/IP.
By doing a wireshark of the exchanges, we noticed in the case of a broadcast request (Who is), Ignition sends the request with a destination network identifier even if the equipment is on the same network.
The Siemens PLC responds to the request without this identifier because it is on the same network and Ignition does not take the response into account.
Unfortunately, Ignition signals a timeout on the connection with this device.

Do you have any suggestions? @Kevin.Herron Is it possible not to specify the network id? I have understand that the BBMD isn't necessary if all device are in the same subnet.

Do you have a Wireshark capture you can share?

I'm not sure if there's anything we can do yet, I'll have to look at the capture to see exactly what's happening and then dig around in the Bacnet library we use and possibly contact the vendor.


Capture_Ign_2decouverte1.150.pcapng (61.0 KB)


What version of Ignition is this?