BacNet/IP Device Stuck On Initializing

Hey folks,
I am having some trouble commissioning a BacNet IP device to monitor MS/TP on a chiller. When I put in all of the appropriate information in the device connections section it is stuck in a cycle of initializing and uninitializing. When changing any of the device settings either on the device or on the gateway it goes straight to failed. I am able to ping this device just fine. I have tried using a local device which did not take. I have not yet set up the MS/TP side as that is being set up by the chiller vendor once we can ensure we have a good connection. This is my first experience with BacNet so please forgive any obvious oversights.

Thank you!

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Without target device on the MS/TP there is nothing to initialize.

The gateway is there to bounce traffic between the two networks, not for you to make a connection to and then eventually “browse” when the MS/TP device exists. The initialization is failing because presumably you’ve configured a remote device entry with some device number that simply doesn’t exist yet, so there’s nothing on that network answering the “whoIs” for that number, so you’re not initialized.


Ok that makes sense. Thank you for your quick reply!