BACnet on the Maker Edition


For a project I am busy with the Maker Edition.
Also I need the BACnet module, I did found the next information,

BACnet Local Device - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation (

But this module does not support the Maker Edition yet.
Does someone know when this module will be available for the Maker?

Kind regards,

Luc Sieben

This was an intentional decision and I’m not sure it’s going to be available for Maker Edition.

We don’t see BACnet being realistically used in a home setting.

ME also does not support things like the Enterprise Administration Module.

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I could have sworn I remember hearing in the Ignition Live video where Maker Edition was announced that EAM would be supported. I guess I was wrong, haha.

@swolnisty, I had the same thought, but I think it was announced with a couple of EAM features, but not the full module. Could be mistaken though.

I think the bacnet driver makes the most sense in the home setting because personally, I have 3 bacnet communicating thermostats in my house.