BACNET Schedule Object

Hello All,

I’m trying to connect Bacnet Schedule with native Barnet driver, unfortunately it seems
that this type is not recognized.

Extract of objects enable in our device :

Extract of tag recognised by driver :

but no trace object name “OccupancySchedule”.

are there plans to integrate it in a future version?

best reagards

Hi Kevin,

I saw in your first post that recognised objects were :
The set of BACnet Objects currently supported are:

  • Device
  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • Analog Value
  • Large Analog Value
  • Binary Input
  • Binary Output
  • Binary Value
  • Multi-State Input
  • Multi-State Output
  • Multi-State Value

I thought that schedule object was integrated quickly cause it is one of the most important object in the BMS.

Is it planned?


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Just to push the post to @Kevin.Herron

me2 @Kevin.Herron; back in 2013, I’ve quoted BACnet scheduler as an example for generic calendar management Alarm Module - Schedule

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It’s “planned” but there is no timeline assigned to it.

Following up on this a few months later. Any change to priority on getting the Schedule Object released, @Kevin.Herron ?


No, sorry, nothing has changed yet.