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As you know the use of bacnet includes a strong dependency between equipment and supervision, alarm management is no exception.
In bacnet, the alarms managed by the equipment are defined as requiring human acknowledgment for the return to normal. Without the acknowledgment, the equipment does not resume its operation. (


Although Ignition can manage its own alarm process independently. Acknowledgment of equipment alarms is required.

How can we request the Bacnet services included in the bacnet library "bacnet4j-6.0.0.jar" of the IGN module)?

  • "" to send bacnet equipment alarm acknowledgment requests
  • "" to obtain the reference of the alarms to acknowledge

If @Kevin.Herron have any suggestions

I specify that my question is not specific to a manufacturer of Bacnet equipment but more related to the revamping of an existing supervision without replacing the communicating bacnet equipment.

I upload a yabe example:
230630_acknowledgeAlarmBc.pcapng (1.3 KB)
230630_summaryAlarmBc.pcapng (11.5 KB)


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Technically speaking, you would have to build your module to depend on the BACnet module in order to access these classes.

That said, the BACnet module does not present an API nor are any of its dependencies intended to be consumed by another module. I'm not sure our license for bacnet4j would even allow it.