BACnet Status Not Initializing: Reject-Message-To-Network

Hello, I have been having trouble adding my BACnet devices into Ignition using the module, following some posts here I’ve worked through different errors to get the correct IP’s setup and was then getting an IAmRequest warning. After restarting my gateway this warning went away and now I have a DefaultTransport error:

“Received Reject-Message-To-Network with reason ‘4’: The message is too long to be routed to this DNET.”

I assumed that the IAmRequest warning meant I had some connection to the BACnet gateway & that the WhoIs was received, but I am not certain. I am also not sure if this DefaultTransport error is coming from BACnet or just the network I’m on with Ignition. I haven’t been able to find much documentation for this error message so I would appreciate any input!

Solved my issue - Had the wrong device ID for BACnet. Not sure why I was getting two different error messages before and after restarting though…