BACnet status not Initializing


I have a BACnet remote device on a subnet with IP 10.66.50.x and my Ignition Gateway is on a different subnet with IP 10.66.x.x

My BACnet device is able to be set up as a BBMD device which I have enabled.

The Ignition Local Device configuration has the following settings:

  • Bind Address:
  • Bind Port: 47808
  • Broadcast Address: 10.66.x.x (my Ignition Gateway)
  • Network Prefix Length: 23
  • BBMD Address: 10.66.50.x (my BACnet remote device)
  • Foreign device Registration Enabled: I have this enabled

The error log in Ignition that I’m getting is:

The BACnet device is a Siemens POL908.00 communication module
The BACnet remote device config page is this:

The BACnet device is pingable. I’ve worked with IT the other day to make sure nothing on their end would stop traffic and it seems they have things correct. I can’t though get the BACnet driver to initialize.

Any help / ideas would be great. Thanks!

Got my problem resolved with the help of Ignition Tech Support! My Broadcast Address had to be changed to 10.66.x.255 and then I had to restart my Ignition Gateway Service.