Bacnet unstable. Max APDU Length

Ignition. Version: 8.1.27 (b2023042509)
network_storm_linux2.pcap (102.1 KB)
network_storm_linux.pcap (808.3 KB)

I experience the bacnet driver in Ignition as unstable.
I see that I have values in the bacnet client, and on the website of the bacnet device.
But in ignition, the values suddenly disappear, or they are stuck at what they were.

Max APDU Length. 480. it says on my device. Is there anywhere in Ignition I can put this on the device. Can't find it
I have experienced a similar problem with other systems where this is set higher. Then it helps to set this to 480, which the device supports.

I have som tcpdump files if that helps
IP adresser BacnetID 11000 Ignition server 2001 360.001 VE-1 Kontor 2000 360.002 VE-2 Lager