Bad Data in Factory SQL

We have created standard group, while we drag and drop data it says bad data immedietly.
It does not happen for all tags. Only for some tags. We have 42 tags in one group 16 tags have bad data.

We need solutions asap.

Please find the attached file.

We are getting quality_code as “0” in database table for the respective groups.

For troubleshooting purposes, try using a generic OPC client (e.g. KEPWare’s Quick Client) to view the OPC tag values.

If you can’t see the values with the generic OPC client, then you’re likely to have issues with the tag names (e.g., they’re misspelled), a problem with the OPC server (e.g., static tags not defined), or etc.


Yes, first try MickeyBob’s suggestion. Also, which OPC server are you using? Is it running on the same machine as FactorySQL? What type of devices are providing the data? Finally, are the data types of the items correct in FactorySQL? Sometimes with certain OPC servers the datatype doesn’t come across well on the drag-drop, and they get set to String, which might cause problems.