Bad integer from SLC 5

I am getting a bad indication from a tag in a SLC 5.
All the integers in my N7 integer file are showing as bad.
This is only the case on one machine though.
Has a last published timestamp from a few days past. I think this is related to the issue.
Tags from other files in the machine are reading correctly though.

I saw someone said they had fixed a similar issue by increasing the polling interval. I thought maybe that I would try that if I knew how.

Still having this issue

In the past I’ve seen situations like this occur when there is an out-of-range (genuinely bad) reference for a given data file and the driver’s polling optimization asks for a range of registers, causing the whole request to be invalidated. Can you verify that a) the N7 data file length in the PLC, and b) that there aren’t any other extraneous tags referencing values outside of that range (perhaps not ones of interest, but others that are defined and attempting to poll)?


I had been referencing N7:70 for when I make it for that device to read in.
I had not increased the file size yet. Soon as I removed the reference, the tag I was looking for resolved as good.

Thank you