Bad Mistake Gateway Security

I have managed to make a terrible mistake. I set up a Hybrid Active Directory. I the set a role as Administrator. In the manage users I set my name to Administrator. I then went to the Gateway Security and changed it to the active directory that I set up. Logged out, and When I logged back in with my name it logged in but said insufficient privileges. Now we are locked out of our gateway with no way to change the Gateway security back. Is the any hope, or is all lost?

This should let you reset the password back to the default source and credentials.

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+1 to @craigbā€™s suggestion.

After you get things back working through the CLU, Iā€™d suggest a soft failover of the AD usersource to an internal usersource. After you are sure the AD source is working correctly, set it to hard failover to the internal usersource. This way, you can still get to the gateway if there is no connection to the DC.


Thank you for the replies. I did reset the password using the cmd line tool, and all is right with the world again. Stress level back to normal. Jordan, I will look into setting that up as well.