Bad Quality for Tag


We are trying to make a connection with Allen Bradley PLC. The connection was successful and we do see the Tags on quick Client. However when we try to see the Value of Tags. It’s Bad Quality.

Our Automation Engineer can see values in his PLC program and we cannot in Ignition 7.9.

Any help is Appreciated!


  1. There is No special Auth for PLC.
  2. The values weren’t old, we restarted the Machine.
  3. Tags has Read/Write access and It’s enabled on the PLC program.
  4. Trail Mode is not Expired.
  5. No Logs for these tags in Diagnostics.


What kind of PLC is it? What firmware version? Which Ignition driver are you using? What version (7.9.x) of Ignition are you using?

Hi Kevin,

It’s ControlLogix 5572, v30 firmware.

Ignition Driver: Allen-Bradley Logix Driver
Ignition Version: 7.9.8

we also have “connection path” for this connection.

I think it might be worth upgrading to 7.9.12 and seeing if that helps. If it doesn’t you should probably give support a call so they can help you troubleshoot.

I updated Allen-Bradley Module and everything worked fine, Thanks for your Help Kevin.