"Bad Quality" Tag property

Hi All
I’m puzzled with what’s happening to one of my OPC tag, it’s quality property shows “Bad Quality” and the tag appears to be broken. I’ve checked the data type and the OPC item path everything looks good on that end, I’ve also tried recreating the tag instance but no luck.

I couldn’t find any explanation for that quality message under ignition docs. Could anyone shed some light on what could be going wrong here? TIA


Are other tags from the same device working? What driver? Can you show your item path?

Yes sir, all the other tags from that device work, it’s only a set of tags that are broken. We have the S7-1200 driver but the actual device I’m using is S1500. We have been using this combination of driver/device for quite some time.


Is there an advantage in upgrading the drivers?

That doesn’t look like a valid item for Ignition’s built-in Siemens driver. It can’t use symbolic tag paths.


Compare against a working tag.

That has been our convention with pretty much any OPC tag, all the other ones with ‘_’ in their tag names seem to work fine.

Are you sure the others are using the Ignition driver instead of using the PLC’s own OPC server?

Yes sir, this is a screenshot of another tag that works fine which also uses Ignition’s built-in OPC-UA server.

He must have one Ignition gateway connected to another via OPC UA and is accessing a tag configured on the remote gateway via Exposed Tags.

Oy! And did it with the original connection name…

I have a remote gateway configured for that local gateway that I sent screenshots from but I can’t see valid values on those particular tags even in the local gateway. Whereas the other tags have “Good” quality.

It would probably be easier for you to call support and show them your setup.

The right place to be troubleshooting this is probably the Designer and gateway logs on the gateway the device is actually connected to. If the tag is bad quality on that gateway then there is probably an error message in the gateway logs already, or will be with the right loggers enabled.

Well, that’s the weird part. I’m not seeing any error messages in my gateway logs. I’m looking at the ‘Diagnostics’ → ‘Logs’ section under the ‘Status’ tab of the gateway webpage.

I’ll reach out to the support team. Thanks for the help!