Bad Quality Tags from Logix Devices

Hi Kevin,

I have AB Compact and Control logix devices,However I get device is Connected tag mostly with bad quality.Even if they are connected.I tried putting them in Slower classes,didn’t help.Tried Increasing the time out didn’t help.Let me know your suggestion.

What firmware versions are involved. Which Ignition drivers are you using? Do you know about the need to use the latest Logix driver for firmware v21+, and the very last v20 firmware?

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We have
Control Logix
v 21.03
v 23
v 30
Driver Used

also few Compact logix
v20 old driver work fine for them only new versions

The first thing you should do is figure out why your scan class execution time is 20s on average. OPC tags do not contribute to execution time unless you’ve set the scan class to OPC Read Mode.

You probably have some slow query or expression tags that you need to find, fix, and/or move to their own scan class.

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Hi Kevin,

I understand,we divided the query tags in different scan classes, however during migration,I see all of them being directed to default.My question is even if they are polling slow,then I shouldn’t be seeing bad quality ,correct me if I am wrong.Since I am using same scan class for compact logix driver and they don’t show bad quality

What version of Ignition is this? Have you looked at the diagnostics page in the gateway for the devices that have bad quality tags?

We are using

I don’t see anything on logs for that device