Bad Quality Tags portions from the same PLC

Hi there! I'm a beginner using Ignition. I had two same events in the same particular windows that contain graph with history tags, and Boolean tags for status... for some reason all of them stop reading and having a "Bad DataQuality". We did the exercise to add the same tag (copied) but had the same situation. The most curious thing is that other Tags coming from the same PLC works (Heart beats as example), but those Tags are used in other windows. The way that I was able to fix it was Refreshing the Device OPC Browser. Why only those tags issue for the particular window? How can we correct it?


What driver? Or is it a direct OPC connection? Any tag group configuration differences between working and non-working? Are there errors in the gateway log at about those times?

What version of Ignition?

Hi pturmel, thanks for your response.
Driver: Allen-Bradley L24ER Compactlogix.
I don't see any tags configuration differences (well, I'm not expert to define for another advance configuration), just that all tags that did not work come from the same Window (all Windows tags doesn't work at that moment).
I did not verify if any gateway log error.
Ignition Ver 7.9.18