Bad_stale status tag remote connection

I have a problem getting tags from another remote server, I’m connected but this problem appears after a while with the application running, as you can see in the image, I’m connected to a remote server, but in the tag status I can’t access it and my application appears the tag with bad stale status. I’m using ignition version 7.9 on the remote server and on the client I’m using ignition v8.1.

Obs.: this tag among several other tags enter the status of bad stale after a while with the application running. I’ve already checked ports, name tags in case sensitive.

Obs2.: The client is hosted in the cloud (microsoft azure) and the remote server is on a machine on a different network.


Hello rodrigo.yoshiaki,
Are there any specific gateway logs that reference your remote tag provider erroring out?

But at this point, I would recommend contacting support for a deeper analysis and troubleshooting via a screenshare.