Bad Tag quality on Modbus RTU over Serial link

Hello to all, thank you for reading the post. I am having trouble with tags from a Direct Logic 05 - D0-05DR connected via Modbus RTU over Serial to Ignition Maker ed. version 8.1.7 OPC-UA server running on Windows 10. The PLC device shows a “connected” status and the diagnostic tags show “good” statuses however no manually created tags have been passed to Ignition successfully. Here are some images that will show the exact errors coming through. - Any help on this is Greatly appreciated!

I was having some other Modbus issues and ran across this, but the addresses you’re showing aren’t valid Modbus addresses. The addresses should be something like [Direct Logic 05]1.HR3 for reading holding register 3 on Modbus Unit 1. This would typically be 40003 in regular modbus registers. Refer to the manual on Modbus Addresses for more information on how to tag values you want to read.