Bad Tags in UDT

I am trying to figure out why I cannot read certain tags within my UDT.

I have 15 Micrologix 1400s where I am reading the same data from the same location in each device. I created a UDT for this and it works for the most part. Two out of the the 15 devices return correct values for all of the tags that make up the UDT. The rest show valid information for everything but folders C141 and JPH.

What I have Tried:
Verified that the location in each PLC is valid.
Verified datatypes.
Used the Quick Client to read the location. It returned good for a single read but returned bad if subscribed.
Recreated the tags in the UDT.
Created a separate tag outside of the UDT. It returned bad as well.
Refreshed Devices.
Cycled power on PLC and Ignition server.

I am running Ignition 7.9.5.