Bad_TypeMismatch with OPC UA Tag on Perspective view

This message will appear when the page is opened or the designer opened (the page has many components and binding with OPC UA Tag)
It doesn't have any log errors on the gateway

My components are all bound the indirect tag and the reference is from session property
like [{TagProvider}]{Machine}/{MachineID}/CMD_LL_JET_HEATER_AIR_SUPPLY/Value

Then I guessed to myself that when the communication went well or low number of components, there would not be this error message
This bug disappears when I refresh the page, and it not affects the button action of my screen

I can't find which component is the key to this problem
Because the probability of this message appearing 70%, not every time, I think my proper data type is not wrong

I tested it today, I added a screen with only a few components, and reopened the view
This error message doesn't appear every time, so I'm not sure what the pattern is
At present, I guess it is the error reminder caused by the communication delay and the null value.

I want to fix this error message that will make our customers worry about us

Please feel free to give your comments~

Are you getting tag values that are outside of your tag's specified high/low boundaries?