Bad value on tags on edge - ABMicroLogixTransport, ABMicroLogixReadRequest

hi, we’re trying to work on edge and we keep getting values on tags even if the device is connected.
i tried dragging & dropping down tags as well from the opc browser but still no luck
is there any additional settings we should take a look at?

edge version: 8.0.10
running on ubuntu: 14.04

errors we see on the console are:

ABMicroLogixTransport 30Sep2020 06:13:53 Error getting value from bytes=[0, 0]

ABMicroLogixReadRequest 30Sep2020 06:13:53 Read Request timeout. First item: F8:0, Timeout Count: 1, Transaction: 4549

ABMicroLogixTransport 30Sep2020 06:13:47 Error getting value from bytes=[0, 0, 0, 0]

Did you ever find out what was going on with this? I have the same issue with 2 out of a ton of tags. every bit of the tag matches the other except the actual OPC Item Path Item.

ABMicroLogixReadRequest 23Jun2022 10:29:17 Read Request timeout. First item: N7:2, Timeout Count: 2, Transaction: 36