Badge do not scan


I'm trying to enable the badge authentification on my system. I have an identity provider with all the users read from A/D. I enable the badge feature in the identity provider.

I can read the badge with my IPhone and an NFC application I found in the app store.

I start a perspective session and I try to authentify myself with the badge and... nothing. It's like the application do not sense the badge.

Any idea?

What kind of reader?

And how is it communicating to Perspective?

He's using the built-in NFC reader on the phone. For this to work, I believe the read must act like a keyboard wedge and emulate keystrokes followed by a control return to signal that the read is complete.

I'm trying to use the internat IPhone NFC reader. It can read the badge card if I use another application but Perspective does not seem able to read it.

Yep, the reader needs to output the read as keystrokes with a newline character at the end
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