Banner DXM via modbus

HI all again.

I have a banner DXM100 I am storing on time for a digital input in a holding register.

When trying to grab that data from the DXM via modbus, I can't seem to get them to match values, or I keep getting invalid config in the designer. I'm not sure what exact setup for address i should be using here.

Anyone with experience in Banner DMX's can assist?

Share what you are doing and what you are getting, in detail.

hi, thanks for the reply.

I am running a timer on an input to 16 nodes. I setup the DXM to track the ON and OFF time to local registers. I put in a tracker in the DXM to counts in MS the time an input signal is ON and OFF for each node.
I am trying to pull that count into Ignition via modbus, but I am unsure the best way to setup the config and the tag for each of those counts.

EDIT: I might have got it.. I moved my local registers to channel 1000+ (Float registers) and those numbers seem to match now. Still don't know if this is best practice or not