Bar Chart Color in Reporting *new question*

I have found the script to render the bars different colors in the series, but i would like to take it a bit further. Instead of comparing the value to a set number, i would like to compare it to another value in the dataset without showing a second bar for each series in the dataset.

> from org.jfree.chart.renderer.category import BarRenderer

from java.awt import Color
class myBarRenderer(BarRenderer):
def getItemPaint(self, row, column):
v = chart.getCategoryPlot().getDataset().getValue(row, column)
if v < 70:
plot = chart.getCategoryPlot()
i have tried placing the two values together as a string and separating by a delimiter then converting to float, but that still shows 2 bars.
Any help or ideas would be great.

thanks in advance!