Bar Chart colors

I have a chart (bar chart on a report), the data set has multiple rows and three columns, lets call them date, value1, and value2…sometimes, the first row can have a null in one of the value columns, this seems to set the colors of the bars, which creates a lot of confusion, I want process A (value1) to always be red, and process B (value2) to always be Blue.

If neither of the values in the first row in the first row are null, then process A (value1) is red and process B (value2) is blue, the issue happens when the first row has a null for process A (value1) and a value for Process B…then, process B is red and and process A is blue! As the report is date based, either of these can happen just by changing the date range of the report!

Sorry to be long winded, but in a nutshell, I want value1 to red, and value2 to be blue regardless of the first row in a dataset, is there a way to do this with code?


Use coalesce in your SQL query to replace the nulls with zeros.

Brilliant! Thanks…