Bar Chart Comparison

Hello All,

I want to know is it possible to show barograph comparison dynamically.

I have 16 sectors each having 10 devices and each device having 5 parameters (Different parameters).
I have 3 dropdown menu where one can select devices which is to be compare and second dropdown can select any other device with to be compare and third dropdown can select parameter to be compare of all 16 sectors.

Is it possible to show this comparison on only 1 Bar Chart?

Please guide me.

It is definitely possible - all you need to do is to dynamically build the barchart dataset from the dropdown choices.


Thank you for your reply.

In one of the project i would like to configure Bar Chart based on the following requirements.
Unfortunately i couldn’t get enough information regarding the Bar Chart Configuration in the User Manual.

Requirement regarding Bar Chart:

  1. I have overall Graphic on which there are “SMB_1”, “SMB_2” buttons etc. (SMB is device which read the parameters like Current, Voltage from Photo-voltaic Panel)
  2. If I click on button “SMB_1” it should open pop up with Bar Chart which will show the values of Current and Voltage.
  3. Parameters for all SMB’s are same, like Current and Voltage.
  4. I have to make only one popup with Bar Chart which will show the parameters of specific SMB (By using parameter passing / Indirect binding ) when it is clicked.

Kindly suggest how to configure Bar Chart based on above requirements.

Bar charts are simple - the only trick will be to bring in the correct data to feed the bar chart in the format that it wants.

How is this data stored? Can you write SQL queries to get it? The typical approach is to bind the bar chart’s data property to a SQL query that is dynamically generated by inserting the selected values of the dropdowns into the SQL query.