Bar Chart Configuration doubt

Hi all,

I am a little bit new with Ignition and I would need some support.

How it is possible to change the dataset alignment inside of chart? Basically I would like to show the lines chart over the bar chart.

I cannot see any property to change this inside the chart customizer.

Thanks in advance.

Load order of the bound dataset.
Name the lines with a number in front of them so they are higher in the list.

Thanks for your answer.

What about for the next case.

Where in some months the “OEE performance” values is lower than “OEE availability” but the loading order of the bound dataset is the opposite.
How can I play with the transparency to show the orange bar behind the green one?

I created a single dataset for every single category (OEE,OEEperf,OEE avail and OEEqual) to displayed as is in the graph.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure you can. But consider restructuring your data to be suitable for the stacked-bar format. That won’t depend on order or transparency.

When you select the colors for the Series Colors, use an Alpha value less than 100.


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It was my first attempt (stacked bars)…but the issue is the values to represent are percentages so max 100%, so using the stacked bar the result it was over the max. I tried through scripting to calculate the differences between the min value and the next ones and build a new dataset to dont overpass the max but at the end it was the same issue. Sometimes for one category the values is bigger than others and sometimes not. That’s why I asked to play with the transparency of the bars.

The alpha value is not working as there is a shadow behind the bars.

Do you know how can I disable the shadow behind the bar?

I tried with the next scripting inside the configuration chart inside the extension functions:

from org.jfree.chart.renderer.category import StandardBarPainter

plot = chart.getPlot()
renderer = plot.getRenderer()

But it is not working at all.

Any idea?

Let’s back up a moment.

  • What version of Ignition are you using?
  • What component are you making this chart with? I can set transparency with both the standard chart and the bar chart components.

Hi Jordan,
We are running 7.9.9 version.
It is a Chart component. I can set up the transparency but what I cannot delete is the shadow behind the bar.



It is chart…not bar chart. The shadow option is not available in the property editor options.

The light comes on! It only took four coffees for this one… :slight_smile:

The script in configureChart did work. But only for the first one. Since you put in a separate dataset for each each series, all the subsequent renderers used the default (each dataset gets its own renderer).

Try this one in configureChart:

from org.jfree.chart.renderer.category import StandardBarPainter
plot = chart.getPlot()
rendererCount = plot.getRendererCount()
for i in range(rendererCount):
  renderer = plot.getRenderer(i)

Thanks Jordan. It works perfectly. I thought the renderer considers all dataset of the chart :frowning: