Bar Chart Configuration

HI All,
In one of the project we are trying to configure the bar chart to show historical data.

We would like to know in detail

  1. How to configure bar chart.
  2. How to connect the tags to the Bar chart so that we can see historical data in terms of bars on chart.


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Historical data from Ignition is not immediately compatiable with Bar Chart data because a bar chart shows quantities for a given category, and historical data is stored point-by-point with a timestamp and value. If you’re trying to group the historical data together in some way, you’ll need to do some data processing before passing a dataset to the “data” property of the Bar Chart. You mentioned in your other thread voltage and current, how are you trying to represent this data in a bar chart? Average voltage/current in a month? This is important in figuring out how exactly the data needs to be arranged in order to work with a bar chart.

HI James,

Thanks for your reply.

Being new to the Ignition, at least send some kind of information regarding how to configure Bar Chart.
Secondly how to connect Tags in the Bar Chart, so that values related to the tags can be seen on bar chart.
I would be happy if you have any kind of video(Similar to Easy Chart) showing the Bar Chart configuration in detail.

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The property that drives the data in the bar chart is the “data” property, which is a dataset. Binding data to that property via an SQL query, tag history, etc. is what you need to do to actually populate the dataset. If you’re unfamiliar with Ignition datasets, or with property binding, check out these links: … atatyp.htm … erview.htm

I don’t have a specific video for making a bar chart, but here’s a link to bar chart information in the manual: … rchart.htm

Hi James,

I was browsing the forum for help on displaying tag history in a bar chart and this topic seemed relevant to what I’m trying to do. I have twelve variables that can be preset and I’m trying to display each of these variables as separate categories on a bar chart that should update to the last set value.
Right now I am using my historical data from the 12 tags bound to the data property in the barchart with no luck. You mentioned some processing would have to be done before passing it to the chart. Would you mind expanding on that?