Bar chart data can't display

I create two tags in tag browser and get the tag data from a Siemens S7-300 PLC ,and one tag is production count ,another is waste count. In production module ,I make the production count tag as the“outfeed count” and made the waste count as the “product waste” , and gave a bar chart a analysis controller for binding , the "provider name"of the analysis controller is “Run”, and “Compare by” hour,and Data points are "Line production count , Line target count " ,but the tags shows OEE is 0,and the bar chart shows the bar of "Line production count "by hour also is 0. I want to know what’s wrong with it and how to configure?

The OEE tags represent real-time OEE for the specific line, so if the run has ended then they will most likely show 0. The running tag in the screenshot you sent in is false so it looks like the run ended.

In regard to the analysis controller I noticed that you had the Line custom property on the analysis controller bound to something. If you want to filter by line you will want to use the Filter property on the analysis controller (it is located right above the Compare by property) and remove the the binding on the Line custom property. If your line is named “Siemens” then the filter you should use would look like: Line=Siemens

Additionally, you will need to set the Data Format from Table to either Chart or Both as the format required by the chart is somewhat strict.

Furthermore I see that a tag binding on the analysis controller is returning unknown or stale (the grey overlay). What tag binding do you have configured on there? If you right click on the component and select “Run Diagnostics” you will get a better idea as to what is wrong.

Thanks Paul, your answer was realy helpful for me ,I’m a rookie of ignition , but I also can’t get the tags’s value about OEE, (OEE is still 0,Running is 0 and Run start is 0…) , that cunfused me for a long time ,hot to start a run for a line ,I want OEE show some value, please help me to get the value ,I realy need this . Thanks again.

I follow the steps of the vedios in the ignition univercity,I added a product code,added a workorder,and I also clicked the Run “Start” button . But the "Line product count " bar still can’t displaied 0, I don’t where is wrong ,and I also want to know why the tag called "Running " is 0,but "Run Started"is true,“Run Production Count” has values .And pictures show the details of my project. Please help me ,everybody,thanks a lot.

Does your dataset have NULL values?
We had a similar problem with bar chart because the dataset we wanted to display (result of a SQL query with OUTER JOIN) in the bar chart had NULL values. We replaced NULL values with the value “0” to make it work.

Do you see any errors when attempting to start a run on that line? Can you show me the script on the button that starts the run?

The Run Started tag will be show true if a production run has started, but will stay true if the production run has ended and a new production run has not been selected for the line. The Running tag will only show true if both a production run has started and the line is running. In this case it looks like the line is not running.

In case you’re curious you can find the meaning of each production tag in our manual. The line specific tags are located here:

Thanks a lot all my friends !
In the picture there is the script of “start run” button, but the tag of “Runing” were still not worked as you see in the picture.And there is an error as in the picture. Please help me to check . Thanks a lot .

Sorry. There was a error of the timer component I lost as in the picture.


I apologize for the delay on a response here.

The most recent error looks to just be an issue with the amount of columns in the header versus the rows in the dataset. The error is coming from line 22 of what appears to be the propertyChange event on the time. Any chance I could get you to show us the full script?

Alternatively you can email the script into and reference this post if that is easier.