Bar Chart - Fixed Lower and Upper Bound?

Question, for the Bar Chart I am using the AREA function, and I see that I can turn off auto range on the Value Axis, however there doesn’t seem to be the same option for the category axis.

I assume it’s because it’s geared to display Bar charts, which of course you would only display as many bars as there are categories, however with area charts I think it’s a bit different.

I’m trying to show the relationship of a vessel’s agitator speed versus the level of product a vessel contains. My “category” axis contains multiple level % set points, my “value” axis is my agitator speed set point at each category set point.

I can enter various level/speed relationships, and the AREA graph shows a nice representation of my set points, and between set points I calculate a linear relationship, so the speed is constantly changing with level based on the slop of this line between the set points.

Because I can’t put a fixed range on the category, my graph looks skewed.

Any suggestions?

I’ve also tried doing an XY plot with the Chart object for the same affect, but the X axis seems to force you to use time values.