Bar chart in perspective


Need help in perspective for a chart in which I have to achieve this type of functionality.So how it is possible.


Thanks, @jball for the quick turn around. Need one clarification i.e this chart is applicable only for the time or can we take like G1,G2 on the X-Axis as shown in the above image.

The X axis can only display time.

can X-axis display week? I need to make weekly and monthly bar chart in a view. But I want to see the bar width for entire week or month.
At present it shows only on the start day of the week or start day of the month.
I’m not sure if this is bcos of my query (since I’m getting first day of the week or month as time column in dataset to make use of timeseries chart.
Can this be made in XY chart (however pan and zoom is available in XY chart right?)

There are some different display options for the tick labels of the timeAxis (see image), and you can also supply a custom Moment.js date format if none of the provided options will work. The default (auto) setting tries to determine the best format to display based on the breadth of the time range associated with your data.

You’ll also want to adjust the tickCount property of the timeAxis so that the ticks line up with your bars:


This should be doable with the XY Chart as well if you want to explore its API a bit on the docs site.