Bar chart issues on windows XP

Hey Guys was wondering someone has any suggestions for me.

Client has some older systems that requires running on XP and i'm having trouble with getting time to display correctly on windows XP.

I have attached the system on Win 10 vs Win XP as well as Parameter settings.

Cheers for any suggestions,


Win XP


While I don't know the answer, I would take this opportunity to use this as leverage to force them to upgrade their systems. At this point in time, even some Windows 10 versions are unsupported by Microsoft, which means XP, 7, and 8 are all completely unsupported. Too many unpatched vulnerabilities and if there's one old piece of software that won't run on anything newer, suggest they start looking for alternatives, or move your systems running perspective to a different machine.

Sometimes the amount of time you'll spend trying to fix something that just can't be fixed is more expensive than just upgrading the system and moving on.


And it's probably an ancient browser that's causing the problem.

yea, I need to use a certain version of Firefox for running on the XP server, Few issues around tables and the other bar chart which i managed to find fixes for, just can't seem to get the time to display correctly