Bar Chart Labels

Is there a way to turn off the category axis labels? I have a chart that keys off a unix time stamp, and I really don’t care about the values, and don’t want them displayed. I’ve attached an image so you see what I mean. I could overlay an opaque container and hide them, but I figured there was a simple way to do it.

A quick way of getting rid of those is to go to the dataset viewer for that chart’s data and delete all the timestamp values. I don’t know if this chart’s dataset is dynamically changing, but I know that can be a real pain to have to delete each value one-by-one if the data is constantly changing. I would suggest using a scripting function like system.dataset.updateRow(), but there is an issue with saving “None” to the dataset, as the built-in dataset utilities in Ignition will coerce a “None” into a default value for that column’s data type (like 0 for an integer, or the current date/time for a date). This issue is fixed for 7.5.2.

In the meantime, suffice to say, an opaque container would work as a temporary solution.

The chart is updated every couple of seconds, plus I don’t like modifying real data to make GUI data look right- it should be part of the GUI control.

I looked at the JFreeChart API and I see various categoryAxis classes- would it be possible to set the category axis label to ‘’ through script? I use the API to get the chart coordinates, but I can’t find the right script for setting the label.

Found another hack that seems to work ok. I set the category axis tick color to the background color, the rotation to 90, and the font to 1. The chart shifted over and it’s almost like the labels were never there.

Would be nicer to just have an option to display them or not though.

Ok, one more cosmetic issue (the customer has a sharp eye). On the top of the chart, the last value (60.0) get truncated. The span is fixed at 60s. I’d be ok with forcing these to whole integers, or even better, a margin offset would work. Maybe it’s there and I’m not seeing it.

There is a property: Value axis margin. But it only applies to when auto-range is on. In your case, try simply bumping the max up by a bit: try 62.0