Bar Chart not displaying all values in data table

I always have issues with bar charts on vision and getting them to setup properly as the coding behind them is so over complicated. I have the following data table from a named query I would like to display all the values. For some reason any repeat values from the table number column will only display one of them. Any ideas on how I can display all of them as individual bars?

Here is the query:

FROM Tables_Data_East_V2
WHERE t_stamp BETWEEN (:StartDate) AND (:EndDate)
ORDER BY schedOverTimemins DESC

Column names must be unique. I would add a rank to the table name. The method may differ depending on the database you're using.

TableNum | schedOverTimemins
1-11     | 275
2-15     | 205
3-9      | 185
4-8      | 163
5-10     | 153
6-15     | 145
7-7      | 144
8-9      | 143
9-8      | 130
10-15    | 129

This data is being pulled from a large SQL table that automatically is being filled by transaction groups and other queries are also referencing so I do not have the ability to add a rank to every input for table numbers in the SQL table. Maybe this can be done in the named query? The bar chart will also need to auto update when a new number enters the top 10. Is there is no way to just simply display the data table exactly as is? (I guess this is why I avoid bar charts in ignition at all costs)

The rank would be part of the named query.


  • Add a custom property called rawData
  • Bind rawData to the named query
  • add a propertyChanged script
if event.propertyName == 'rawData':
	rawData = event.source.rawData
	headers = list(rawData.getColumnNames())
	data = []
	for i in range(rawData.getRowCount()):
		data.append(['{}-{}'.format(i+1, rawData.getValueAt(i,0)), rawData.getValueAt(i,1)]) = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, data)


Thank you very much the custom property worked. I always forget about those.