Bar chart, selecting a specific bar - Perspective

I have the same question as rigoberto.reyes in this discussion: Bar chart, selecting a specific bar. But I am wondering how to do this with the bar chart in the perspective mode.
I tried the same solution but got this error: object has no attribute 'source'.
I figure that I switch event.source to self. I then got this error: object has no attribute 'addChartMouseListener'.
Is there an other solution that works for the chart object in Perspective mode?

It seems like that forum post that you referenced is in regards to Vision.

Currently in Perspective to select something like that normally you would look for an “onInstanceClicked” event, but unfortunately as of the 8.0.12 instance I am looking at there isnt one yet.

However, the ability to deduce the bar clicked WOULD be fantastic, because there is alot of information you could provide after clicking the bar.

I actually have an old Ideas post for this here:

Thank you for your reply! I will upvote your idea post and hopes that this will be implemented.

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