Bar Chart


I am trying to create a bar chart in the report viewer. The data is in dollars, so it’s floating point and it needs to have a $ on the front. Is there any way to modify the vertical axis to show this? I noticed there is an update for FPMI to modify certain chart axis parameters, but nothing for the value formatting (unless I missed it). Is there any way to, in either chart, change the way the values are displayed on the axis?


Actually, you’re in luck. This is very easy to do with the bar chart in the report viewer. Simply select your chart (the top-most part of it - not the legend or the actual plot object), and click on the “Format” tab in the upper-right of the report desinger. Here you’ll be able to select a number format option, such as currency (starting with $), and it will apply to the numeric Y axis.

As for the standard FactoryPMI bar chart, this would be a good feature request, I’ll put it in.

Hope this helps,