Barber colman maco controler - how to connect?

Did anyone try to connect with this controller ? By ethernet (TCP/IP)

Harwarde descr. bellow: … -retrofit/

Any success ?

I’m not sure about the current conversion that you reference in the link, but I have experience with the original MACO 6500 & 8000 conversion that consisted of a Schneider Quantum PLC coupled to the BC controller and new I/O. This was usually integrated with Wonderware. At the time I worked with this, it was Wonderware 7 or 8.

That being said, I am sure one can utilize the UA OPC server to grab the data from the MACOs updated PLC.

This is a rather old post. But lets see if I can be of assistance or if you ever got this working with Ignition.

I checked out the link you had in your post. It looks like a Siemens controller may be used in this application. What Siemens controller is used in this application?