Barcode and weight-check

Good morning,
I'm using the bar code function to read an ITF bar code.

The problem happens when I read a wrong code (is not an ignition problem but I'm doing this on purpose) and it looks like there's no weight-check on the reading.

For example the correct data is "25708912502979" where 9 is the weight-check, it happened that I red "25708912508979" or "25708912501979" just like if the data is correct.
I wonder if ignition should check automatically the weight-check or if I have to implement a script for it.
Thank you

Ignition expects the scanner to process such verification codes (and maybe remove them). If it doesn't, you will have to script it.

So you say that is a camera problem?

I'm using a samsung smartphone and a samsung tablet to read the codes and with both of them I have the same issue, as soon as they read "something" they just pass the data to ignition without make a precheck of the weight.

I wrote the script to check if the data is correct or no and it works correctly but maybe to have 1 right reading I have 3 false, it has no sense. I mean, ok I can do the check, but I expect that that the read data is already filtered..

I have no experience with that specific code--it is possible that it is not fully supported by mobile OS's. Or the verification feature is optional. :man_shrugging:

If the device doesn't handle it, you must handle it. Ignition is simply going to pass on whatever the device delivers.

Maybe is a problem of that barcode type.. I will search again if I find something else, of course I will handle the checksum check but is pretty annoying scanning multiple time for have a good read.

Thanks for the help!

Maybe try a different barcode scanning app to see if a different one will be more accurate. What app are you using currently or is it using the perspective app's built-in scanning?

With other apps it works without problem and I always have a correct data reading.

Yes I'm using the built-in scanning app, I simply press a button and run the "Scan Barcode" action.

The Barcode Scanned Event will execute every time a barcode is scanned regardless of whether the value passes any "checksum" or validation, because there's a very good chance whoever is processing the scanned barcode could need to record/document/act on an invalid value.

From what I've gathered, it reads as if your complaint is that the user might have to scan the barcode multiple times before getting the correct barcode value. I'm sure this could be annoying, but Ignition is only processing the value as supplied by the scanner (device). It sounds like your Samsung devices might be having difficulty with the barcodes in question, but the Barcode Scanned Event seems to be working as expected.

Unfortunately, short of getting your operators different devices, there's not much you can do on the Ignition side of the process as we don't have any sort of pre-processing of the data sent to the Barcode Scanned Event. The "best" option available is to clearly inform the user of a potential scanning issue by providing an audible cue that the Event encountered a bad value.

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Thanks for the very precise explanation, I thought that normally a check was always done before the data is passed, but obviously I was wrong.

So what I could do is use another reader (maybe a specific datareader and not a smartphone), for the moment I will use the checksum to control if the data is correct and eventually I give a message in a label or something like this.

Thank you all for your helps.

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