Barcode formatting

I have a bunch of labels with code 128 barcodes throughout a project that scan just fine but the barcode text recently changed and now none of them will scan. If I generate a code 128 barcode on any website barcode generator with the same barcode ID it scans fine. If I generate a barcode in a vision window in Ignition it scans fine. Any idea what is different between the vision window barcode and reporting module barcode components?

Example of barcode that scans in 128 format from vision window but not reporting module: IFH236985.JDNEFG

I got them to scan by increasing an 8.5"x11" page to 4.5 times its original size, scaling the labels/barcodes up then re scaling to fit 8.5"x11" when printing from a .pdf viewer. Seems like the increased size is needed initially to render the barcode scannable?

Make sure you are obeying the “quiet zone” requirements for the barcode. That means whitespace around all the edges. Usually a multiple of the smallest line size.