Barcode in Report Table


I’m trying to display a barcode in a report table. I can’t figure out how to use the actual barcode object in the table so I’m dragging the field I want and then changing its font to Code 39. It displays a barcode but it doesn’t scan. If I use the barcode object and add the same text I can see that the barcodes look different. This is my first time trying to use Ignition’s reporting so I may be missing something obvious.

Screenshot attached. The lower barcode scans fine but the top one in the table doesn’t. Both should have T0000977 as their data but you can see the barcodes are different.

Thanks in advance,

Code 39 requires an embedded start and stop consisting of the character ‘’. The upper code does not have them, the lower does. If you read the first 9 bars/spaces and the last 9 bars/spaces of the lower code, you will notice the same pattern of bars/spaces, this is the '’ character.

Thanks for the info. I tried adding the * in my stored procedure and it displayed the * even though the font was still Code 39. I then tried CHAR(42) + wm.wo_num + CHAR(42) ‘barcode’ and still got the * as shown in the screenshot. I did get it to work with another font that I installed myself but I’m trying to give this to users without installing a custom font for each one. Not sure it’s possible.