Barcode / QR Code - doesn't open camera

Hi All,

I got my Bar Code scanner working but it only works on Perspective App from Playstore.

All permissions of Google Chrome Browser is permitted including Camera, but still it doesn't open the camera, I also tried adding a script for logging status at gateway logger in the same button and it is perfectly working.

Is anyone here got the same problem or experienced the same issue?

Your input is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Perspective can't open cameras. It can only open barcode scanners via the mobile app's platform features.

Not a bug. Simply not supported (yet).


Unless, on an iPhone

On an iPhone it should bring up the camera option when you trigger a file upload.

In both the browser and the app

Hi pturmel,

Thank you Sir. I just realize the difference between the mobile app and using the browser.

Hi kgamble,

Yup. it does open the camera but not the QR/Barcode scanner. If you put a button that has Scan Barcode it doesn't let you open the camera, but just like sir pturmel said, it is not yet supported. Anyway, sir. thank you for your input.

Can you use the File Upload to upload an image with a Barcode and then somehow read the barcode from that image?

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