Barcode report generating incorrectly

I have a report that has a barcode of the format DATA_MATRIX. The barcode’s Datakey is a parameter of type String. When I set the value of the parameter, the barcode is generated but when it is scanned it does not return the same result as the parameter.
Eg, I set the default value of the parameter to '2CT BOX (GF)* but when I scan the barcode I get CT BOX00

The barcode generates and scans correctly for all other types of 2D barcodes (AZTEC, PDF_417, and QR_CODE)

I tried to replicate this in Ignition 8.0.3 and it scanned just fine for me.

My parameter is type String, and the expression is “2CT BOX (GF)*”, including the quotation marks.

@KathyApplebaum Are you able to scan the following string parameter (including quotation marks:
‘ROM_TVLCGT400051312CGT, FSC PALL MALL ORANGE 100S BOX (GF)****10435891CVZ11051burtn

This example doesn’t seem to want to scan at all for me.

I needed to change the curly quotes to straight quotes, but it scanned fine. Maybe there’s an issue with your scanner?